Adds an inventory attribute containing all versions of OpenSSL found on the system.


Ole Herman Schumacher Elgesem

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Updated: Nov 1, 2022

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Released on Nov 1, 2022



cfbs add inventory-openssl-versions

This module adds the inventory attribute OpenSSL version(s), a string list of OpenSSL version numbers found installed on the system. It looks for OpenSSL in a few different ways:

  • Executables:
    • Runs the openssl version command
  • Package managers:
    • apt - uses apt-cache policy openssl command
    • brew - uses brew list --versions openssl command
    • yum - uses yum list installed openssl command

The inventory attribute can be used in Inventory reports and conditions within Mission Portal:

Note that in CFEngine Enterprise, you have software inventory available by default, which takes all software names and version numbers from the chosen package manager (for example apt). Using the module provides an alternative - it looks for OpenSSL in more places, and adds it to Inventory, which is not the standard place for installed software versions. See this blog post for more information:


This module has no dependencies

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