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cfbs add promise-type-git

git promise type


  • Name: git
  • Version: 0.1.2
  • Description: Manage git checkouts of repositories to deploy files or software.


  • git (the command line tool)


Name Type Description Mandatory Default
destination string Destination path No Promiser
repository string Git repository URL Yes -
bare boolean If true, clones the repository as bare repository No -
clone boolean If true, clones the repository if it doesn’t exist at the destination path No -
depth integer Create a shallow clone with a history truncated to the specified number or revisions. Set to 0 to perform a full clone. No 0
executable string Path to the git executable No git
force boolean If true, discard any local changes to the repository before updating it No -
recursive boolean If true, use the --recursive git option No yes
reference string If set, use the --reference git option with the given value No -
remote string Name of the git remote No origin
ssh_executable string Path to the ssh executable No ssh
ssh_options string Additional options for the git command, e.g. -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no No -
update boolean If true, updates the repository if it already exists at the destination path No -
version string The version of the repository to checkout. It can be a branch name, a tag name or a SHA-1 hash. No HEAD


Check out a git repository in a given destination path:

bundle agent main
      repository => "",
      destination => "/",
      version => "master";

Full example with almost all the attributes:

bundle agent main
      destination => "/",
      repository => "",
      bare => "true",
      clone => "true",
      depth => "1",
      executable => "/bin/git",
      force => "true",
      recursive => "true",
      remote => "origin",
      ssh_options => "UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null",
      update => "true",
      version => "master";


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